Sunday, 24 November 2013

Winter Nails

At the beginning of November I spotted this little beauty  in Boots. It's Rimmel's Salon Pro in 391 Celebrity Bash. The minute I saw it I fell in love with the colour. It's a beautiful deep red, perfect for Christmas. 
Rimmel's Salon Pro range is amazing and the polish is easy to work with. For me it lasted nearly 2 weeks before it chipped and it doesn't fade.

The brush is nice and wide making it easier to apply and it dries within seconds. Like I do with every nail polish, I apply a good 2/3 coats. I love it when my nails look like they've been dipped in the paint, it makes them look so rich and people always comment on them asking who did my nails and are shocked to find it was little me who did them myself!

I take pride in my nails, and my pet hate is chipped nail polish. Once I see a chip that's it! I remove all traces of polish and paint them again! 
I file my nails regularly which helps them stay strong.
I always have my nails painted and for the past month they have been this colour! It matches every outfit and until another colour comes along which I truly love I think my nails will be staying this colour for a while!

Have you found your perfect Winter colour yet?

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