Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Case of Neglect!

I'm here to report a case of neglect... against this blog!

Unfortunately due to my final year at university I had a crazy amount of study and exams and I wasn't able to post on this as much as I would've loved to.

Buuuuut... I'm back!

It is now summer! Sun is out, well technically it is.. It's just hiding behind the clouds. And I am free! Exams done and dusted now all I have to do is sit and wait for the dreaded results date...! Until them I will be firmly planted on this seat, sitting in front of my laptop writing away to my hearts content.

Also a much needed revamp of the blog will happen. Hoping to get the new site up and running before the end of the summer.

So keep an eye out as I will be posting so much more awesome things for you lovely people to read! 
Leave me a message if you want me to write about anything in particular. 

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